How to RolePlay

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How to RolePlay

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1.Think of a character. This character can be anyone and anything, depending on the roleplay you're getting involved with. Give them a name, an appearance, some special trait or ability, possibly even more frivolous things like their favorite food. Keep in mind that your character must be able to play a role in the story, hence the term "roleplay."
2. Think of the setting and time period they're in. If it's a fantasy roleplay, you can even create your own setting. However, if your roleplay is based on a series or book, you might want to stick to a familiar area
3. Know the lingo. When the roleplay is in progress don't use ** == [] -- <> for actions! Use narration to describe actions, like this -> Ken walked to his house and sighed, "I wish I ate my bagel this morning."
4. An intro can mean everything. Try to include who your character is, what they're doing, what they look like, and perhaps a bit about their past if that's needed.
5. Within a few in-character (IC) entries, you should have established some sort of connection between your characters and the others, to where your actions affect the story in some way that the others are able to react to. You risk your character becoming disconnected, otherwise.
6. Never kill someone unless you have the permission of the person who created the roleplay and/or the person who's character you are thinking of killing.
7. Similarly, never take control of anyone else's characters without either their permission or the permission of the 'boss' of the roleplay. Generally, the most you are allowed to control in other characters is dialogue
8. When you are talking regularly always use some form of brackets to denote being out of character such as ((text)) or [ text ]. You can also use abbreviations like 'OoC'.

Basic roleplaying keywords are:* RP: Roleplay* OOC: Out of Character (You may also use parenthesis to show that it is you who are speaking, not your character.)* IC: In Character* bic: Back in CharacterIn order to maintain a more enjoyable atmosphere, remember to treat others with respect. You will be treated with respect in return.Remember that you can only control your character (not those of others), unless you have the other person's permission. People are apt to be annoyed if you control their characters without warning.In roleplaying, many people enjoy the "skirt" rule. "Long enough to cover the essentials, short enough to be interesting." This will mean what it does, but it usually means three or four sentences that give your fellow roleplayers what they need to know to respond while keeping it short and sweet. Don't be afraid of adding to many details. The more details, the better off the roleplay will be.No one liners. They do nothing to advance the story. Most people do not like them as they do nothing for the roleplay, unless your thread starter says that one liners is okay, always assume if it is not mentioned that one liners are not permitted.


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