Ninja Mission Info

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Ninja Mission Info

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:21 pm

Staff and Kages can give out missions, they decide who can and how many can take the mission, they also make sure that the mission is suitable for the accepters rank(so genin cant take S ranks and so on). Missing Nins can become bounty hunters and once their mission is done they receive their bounty from the one that gave them the mission. Missions give exp and the more u have the better u become.

Genin: only D rank missions unless sensei or kage thinks enough experience has been shown, then C missions are allowed

Chunin: D and C missions and sometimes B missions if permitted by a jounin or kage

Jounin: D,C,B, and A missions assigned, can be assigned to a three man genin squad as well, Can also take S rank if given permission

Sanin: any rank mission allowed


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