Rules to Follow

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Rules to Follow

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:35 pm

1. Registration Names

please use the same registration name as your character, this makes things simpler when locating others instead of going on a wild goose chase

2. God Modding
Hold yourself from God-modding, its not fair to others, so dont so it. hit and dodge
Please refrain from auto hitting and dodging meaning dont always make your attacks hit the opponent and always dodge your opponents attacks, and also please give your ninja a weakness because everyone has one and we dont need people who are too strong cuz they have no weakness, keep in mind i didnt say you had to tell your foe your weakness, just as long as you have one.

4. Killing and Death
You may kill anyone within RP, If your character dies, you must put in your sig that they are dead.

5. POSTING- no double posts, if its an accident its okay cuz they happen but if its a constant thing then consequences shal occur

6. Posting pt 2
Please post at least four good sentences. no single line stuff but descriptive stuff that can be imagined

8. Multiple Characters
All characters have to make an Application. If not, then you won't be allowed to role play. Anyone can have up to 3 characters as long as each one is active.

10. Advertising
No advertising in the forums unless in the discussion forum and only if its topic related.

11. Common Sense
you use it in real life so please use it in RP

12. Respecting Others
keep everyone happy, no flamming spamming, rascist or other crude remarks, they wont be tolerated


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