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If you break the rules the following shall happen:
1. Verbal WarningIf you break a rule you be informed that you are doing so politely and will be asked to stop. If you see any staff not being polite while giving a warning feel free to tell them so as no one is better then anyone else here.
2. WarningIf you proceed to break the rules you will be given a warning on the boards. This will give you a black mark of X amount of time until the Warning has ended. Each earning gives you a 20% warn level achieve 100% warn level and you will be auto banned.
3. Banning- If you keep pissing people off on the forum and make everyone angry you will be banned for x amount of time. Hopefully during a banning these people will learn what not to do.
4. Perma-Ban Piss the staff of and community enough and you will NEVER SEE THIS PLACE AGAIN.


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